anymbed Frequently Asked Questions:

What does anymbed do?

When you paste any URL into anymbed, it embeds the content from that URL into your site as a widget, every url is embedded differently according to the content it contains (e.g. Movie, Presentation, Document, ...)

How is anymbed different from other apps.

anymbed does not require any coding at all, copy and paste a url and thats it.

How does anymbed work?

Anymbed attempts to use the oEmbed protocol, if it is supported by the website currently being embedded.
otherwise, anymbed will attempt to extract information using facebooks open graph protocol, if it is supported.
Most of the important websites support one of the two methods.

This url didn't work as i expected.

Not all of the websites support one of the two methods, it's best to test a URL using the trial version vefore upgrading.

The google doc i embedded isn't showing up, I am getting an error instead.

When embedding a google doc, make sure you made the document public, otherwise other people will not be able to see it.

I can't see the anymbed widget in mobile view, does anymbed work on mobile.

In order to see the anymbed widget in mobile view, you will need to un-hide it; From the left side of the mobile editor click on the eye icon to open Hidden Items, then click on the eye icon next to anymbed to enable it.

I added anymbed to the page, but it is obstructed by another element.

If an element obstructs anymbed, you can use the Overlapping items right click menu option to select anymbed; Next, you can click on the Bring Forward icon until the widget comes to view.
It might also by helpful, to set a background other than transparent (which is the default) when dealing with such a situation.

I keep getting an error message that says "Sorry! There was an error loading the url, please try another url.". Whats going on?

There are a few cases where a url may not be embedded.

  • The url you entered may be wrong. first thing to do is check that the url leads to the location you intended, and that it loads without an error.
  • Is the url private, or can everyone access it? anymbed can only work on public urls.
  • Some less popular websites do not support anymbed.

How can i tell if my url is public?

try to load that url in an new incognito (private browsing) window, If the url loads, it's public.

I have another website written in [place your favourate CMS/eCommerce system/etc], what do i need to do for it to support anymbed

The website should support the oEmbed protocol, which anymbed uses.

I have another question

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